I wanted to get taller kayaking shoes since my ankle height ones just didn’t have enough support. Looking at several I’m glad I came across the NRS boundary shoe. I really like them.

These are just what I wanted because of how tall they are and the way they’re constructed. It was important for me to find something that would work both in and out of the water and keep my feet protected.

The number one thing for me was the soles. I spend a lot of time on the river and there are frequently cut off lures and hooks to be found there. These have a thick 7mm insole, plus a 7mm rubber sole and a 2mm plastic shim so there’s enough depth that I doubt the average lure will make it through.

The insoles help to add support and make these comfortable. I especially like that the sole texturing comes up and around the top of the boot so that these are good for uneven wet surfaces (like rocks). This also means I won’t slip around trying to push myself out.

The second feature of these I love is the neoprene. It’s thick so that even if the water is a little chilly they will keep you warm and they’re tall enough to provide both ankle support and to stop your feet getting wet coming in and out of the water.

While they’re not waders, they’re high enough that it’s possible to launch a kayak and not get water in the top. I was especially keen on finding neoprene ones as they are thicker and last longer.

I also want to point out the array of buckles. Both the calf and the ankle have buckles which cinch the boot down nice and tight so your ankle is supported and can be let out at the calf if you have wide legs or cinched down to stop water getting in.

This also makes them much easier to get on as you can loosen them up and then tighten so you won’t have to struggle with pulling neoprene on.

Facts and Specifications

  • Comes in Sizes 6 through 13
  • Comes in black only.
  • They have a neoprene upper and a rubber lower.
  • The sole is 7mm thick rubber with a 2mm plastic shim and a 7mm insole/footbed.
  • There is an arch strap at the ankle and a cinching buckle at the calf.
  • They are a comfortable Mukluk style.
  • They weigh 1.5lb each.

What Customers are Saying

The height of these is what really makes the difference. They’re just so tall that they’re more like a sock than a shoe which is great for keeping your feet dry and not having to worry about rocks or sand getting in, even if your feet sink a little. They’re also thick enough on the bottom not to feel the rocks.

The biggest issue is the sizing, and it seems like it’s darn difficult to figure out the right size. Even the company says that you may need to order a size up/down! It’s rather annoying, and the only thing you can really do is measure your foot and hope for the best.

I’m happy to recommend these shoes because they’re really good quality and apart from the sizing issues there’s very little to say about them that’s bad.

Who should Buy This Product?

This is ideal for kayakers, mudlarkers, and anyone heading out to the water who wants their feet protected. They’re good for both sea, river, and lake visitors (as long as you clean them well so the salt doesn’t degrade them).

They’re good for both men and women as long as you have reasonably large sized feet since the smallest size is a 6. These are also good if you’re going out in a canoe or jon boat. These are also good if you’re a brand enthusiast as NRS is pretty well known.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

These are not suitable for anyone with small feet or who want rigid soled shoes. These are still quite soft on the bottom so they’re also not great if you need a sturdier support. The boots are also quite high so if you’ve got short legs or you don’t want especially tall shoes these won’t work.

In fact, they’re almost too tall for me because of the length. They’re also probably not suited if you have especially big calves or especially skinny calves because there’s not a lot of stretch and they only cinch down so far. These are also not the most “stylish”, they’re functional, and plain black – basic.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are the sizes Men’s or Womens?

The sizes are technically unisex but are closer to mens. It’s important to size according to the mm/inches of each size rather than relying on your actual shoe size because these vary so much.

  • How tall are the shoes?

The shaft of the boot is 15” high, but you can also buy matching 18” socks to keep your legs warmer/drier.

  • What season are these for?

These will work in any season but will also keep your feet warm in winter, they may be too warm for 80+ days though.

  • What does “Titanium Layer” neoprene mean?

The Titanium powder is mixed in with the neoprene to provide extra thermodynamics, it is not a metal layer or protective but may keep you slightly warmer than traditional neoprene alone.

  • Are these suitable for Hiking?

No. These have no protection or support for walking and would likely get ruined on dry trails quickly. These are intended for short walks to/from shore.

  • How “roomy” are the calves?

The calf area is adjustable so it’s suited for normal, thin, or wide calf wearers. The neoprene has some limited stretch and the cinch buckle can be tightened down too.


These NRS Boundary Kayaking Shoe are ideal for someone who wants taller and more supportive water shoes. They’re also great if you’re looking for adjustable and no fuss design. The neoprene is thick and warm and the soles are extended as well as being shimmed to protect your feet from rocks etc.